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Baby Food Autism Lawsuit

Our lawyers are handling baby food autism lawsuits for families who have a child that has autism as a result of baby foods that contain toxic heavy metals. Our law firm handles these toxic baby food lawsuits in all 50 states. This page gives you an update on these suits in March 2023 and offers predictions of the settlement amounts victims can expect if these baby food autism claims are successful.

Toxic Baby Food Autism

A judge in California denied a motion by a group of baby food manufacturers that sought to exclude expert testimony suggesting that there may be a causal link between heavy metals in baby foods and the development of autism and ADHD. This is the most significant development in the history of this litigation. The ruling in this baby food autism lawsuit – NC v. Han Celestial, et al. (Superior Ct. of Cal., Los Angeles County – means a jury will get to decide the merits of these lawsuits. In this case, the family’s lawsuit alleges that ingesting heavy metals in baby foods caused their son’s autism.

What Settlement Amounts Can We Expect in the Autism Baby Food Lawsuits?

So the damages in baby food lawsuits can quickly get into the millions of dollars. This drives settlement compensation payout. Frankly, this is why you are seeing more baby food attorneys seeking new clients. The settlement value of autism baby food lawsuits, if successful, will be substantial. The average individual settlement amounts in successful cognitive injury class action could range between $500,000 and $1.5 million

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Signs & Symptoms

  • Anxiety or Excessive Stress
  • Delayed Cognitive/Learning Skills
  • Delayed Language Skills
  • Delayed Movement Skills
  • Hyperactive Behavior
  • Epilepsy or Seizure
  • Disorder
  • Unusual Mood/Emotional Reactions and more…

Lead in Baby Food Causes Autism and Other Brain Injuries

Lead is a toxic heavy metal our lawyers are familiar with from lead paint lawsuits. It is a neurotoxin and carcinogen. Lead resembles other metals that a child needs. So it is easily absorbed into body tissue. Lead has a depressing ability to damage and kill cells in the body. This toxic metal also has an extended half-live, which gives it time to do even more significant damage. The half-life of leads lasts for up to 30 years – 30 years! – in the child’s bones.What is a safe level of lead for a baby? The FDA, CDC, WHO, EPA, AMA, and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) have told us there is no safe lead level for children.

Lawsuits Against Manufacturers of Toxic Baby Food

The Subcommittee Report revealing the contamination levels of Gerber and Earth’s Best baby food brands led to an immediate round of product liability lawsuits. So far, around 20 separate heavy metal autism lawsuits have been filed across the country against Geber, Hain Celestial, and other manufacturers.

Hundreds, possibly thousands more baby food autism lawsuits claiming a link between heavy metals and autism will likely be filed in the coming months. Plaintiffs in pending baby food lawsuits have already filed a motion asking the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate all toxic baby food cases into a new MDL in the Southern District of New York. This could set the stage for a new class action involving contaminated baby food if granted.

The lawsuits are being filed by parents who fed the contaminated baby foods to children later diagnosed with various neurologic and/or cognitive disorders or developmental/behavioral conditions. Mainly based on the findings in the Subcommittee Report, the lawsuits allege that the baby food manufacturers knew that their baby food products contained dangerously high levels of toxic metals such as lead and arsenic. The claims assert that the manufacturers intentionally concealed and/or failed to disclose these contamination levels to consumers.

Is There a Baby Food Class Action Lawsuit for Autism?

Right now, there is not an MDL baby food class action lawsuit that alleges these products cause autism or other neurological injuries. These lawsuits are being pursued as individual autism lawsuits around the country. As the number of filed lawsuits involving Geber, Earth’s Best, and other toxic baby foods increases, you may see a baby food autism class action filed soon.

A baby food class action lawsuit would be a mixed bag for victims. Yes, it makes it easier for plaintiffs who often get a settlement payout without much pre-suit discovery. But the settlement amounts are sometimes higher with individual lawsuits because you have a better chance of getting a trial date (which facilitates larger settlement amounts, and you have the possibility of going to trial and getting a verdict).

Consumer Baby Food Class Action Lawsuit

Thirteen plaintiffs filed a new consumer class-action lawsuit in February 2022 in California against a group of baby food manufacturers, including Beech-Nut, Nuture Inc., Plum Inc., and Gerber. This class action lawsuit claims that the defendants violated various consumer protection laws by falsely marketing their baby food products as safe when they knew they contained toxic heavy metals.

The plaintiffs are all general consumers who purchased baby foods manufactured by the defendants. None of the plaintiffs claim that their children developed neurological damage or other adverse health effects from consuming the baby food. Instead, they are pursuing purely economic damages for themselves and other class members.

The complaint contains a general fact allegation section which recites in detail the findings published in a U.S. Congressional Report last year revealing alarmingly high levels of toxic metals like arsenic and lead in various baby foods made by the defendants. The complaint sets forth eight separate causes of action, including two violations of California consumer protection statutes.

It is an all too common trope to dismiss these types of cases because only the lawyers make any money from them. But that charge has some truth with consumer class action lawsuits like this.

Mercury in Baby Food Causes Autism and Other Brain Injuries

Mercury is a neurotoxin that causes a baby to suffer brain damage. This chemical attacks the nervous system and, like cadmium, has a particular impact on the kidneys and liver. Mercury has been shown to cause brain injuries, tremors, vision or hearing loss, and memory and other cognitive problems. There is also an association between autism and mercury levels. Autistic children have higher serum levels of blood mercury. Exposure to high levels of mercury can lead to mercury poisoning, which can cause a range of symptoms, including tremors, memory loss, depression, and other injuries.

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Meningitis in babies is a serious medical condition characterized by inflammation of thebrain and spinal cord.

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Sepsis in babies is a severe and potentially life-threatening condition caused by an infection that spreads throughout the body.

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Gastrointestinal distress in babies refers to a range of symptoms and discomfort that affect the digestive system.

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The loss of a baby is a deeply painful experience, and families affected by such a tragedy require emotional support and guidance.

If your baby suffered health complications after consuming baby food contaminated, you may be eligible to seek compensation through an infant formula recall lawsuit

Families of children who suffered injury or death due to contaminated food justice and compensation from the negligent companies at fault. Any manufacturer, is responsible for providing safe products for consumers. Unfortunately, several families relied on Baby Food Brands to provide sustenance for their growing infants, but instead, many endured inconsolable losses.



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